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My name is Kaj Smit and this is my story of how I overcame my worst fears, had to learn the most basic functions again and had to create a new positive mindset to regain my life back after surviving a brain hemorrage. 

These are the lessons I’ve learned:

• how to overcome fear

• do the impossible

• how to think positive in the most dire situations.

• how to help others with the things you’ve experienced

I am beginning a new journey as a Public Speaker so that I can share what I’ve learned about how to overcome life’s greatest challenges with others, especially those who feel like giving up sometimes even when they haven’t been through what I have (which is nearly everyone). If you’d like me to speak at your community association, company or event, please write back to me.


Two months after my 18th birthday on May 12th, 2021, I suffered a brain hemorrage. I was rushed to hospital where my parents were told that I would have a 5% chance to survive the night, and if I did, I would have a 95% chance to be in a vegetive state for the remainder of my life.

One year later I am walking, I am driving a car and a bicycle , I am studying for my school exams.  Everything the doctors said I would never do again.

Now I want to inspire people with my story and the lessons I learned, to help them to overcome their fear and insecurity






A short overview of what happened to me and the phases of recovery I went through.

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