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Step 1:

Want to achieve your goals


Step 2:

Believe that you can do it


Step 3:

Dare to take the step/action



Step 4:

Do it!

 Let’s explain something first: 

I’m not perfect, I’ve gone though some ups and downs myself. 

At the start of my rehabilitation I thought:  

” how am I ever going to get back to being the REAL Kaj? It’s almost impossible. The doctors who know a lot about this say so, so why do I have to think differently? They’ve studied hard to know this right?” wrong!!!

The fact that people have a lot of experience and have studied numerous years and are considered “experts” doesn’t necessarily mean that they know exactly what’s going to happen. Keep this in mind!

Even though they’ve been studying this subject for years and have a lot of experience. Nobody knows what another person is capable of. I’ve experienced this first hand.


• Lesson 1: 

 No-one knows what someone else is capable of!

When I started my rehabilitation I thought it would be impossible to get back to my old self, I didn’t believe in myself. This was when my father came up with the WBDD  method.

(Wishing, Believing, Daring and Doing)

This was because it didn’t seem like I was giving it my all, and to be honest I wasn’t.

Even though I was Mr. Sunshine, always positive and smiling, I was battling demons on the inside that no-one knew of. I had a feeling  that everyone around me understood this, because well……..


I could hardly move my body, I had to call the nurses during the night to roll me onto my side, and was dependent on them for everything.

The WBDD method also helped me realise something important:  What you think you can do and what you can do are two entirely different things.

• Lesson 2:

Try something. give it your all. Only then can you truly say that it didn’t work. You may even surprise yourself

Maybe you’ve already clicked on the ‘my story’ link on the home screen, if not no worries. The link is also in the menu. If for some other reason you haven’t looked yet, also don’t worry. I’m not going to show it here. The pictures especially those on the Intensive Care, they have helped me realise Lesson 3. Which is the most important lesson I’ve learned and one which is vital for keeping a positive outlook on a bad situation.

• Lesson 3:

Don’t look at where you were before the bad things happend. Look at where you are now and how far you’ve come since the bad things happend. You’ve grown. You’ve learned. You’ve Evolved.

The four word above are my motto. I’ll explain it like this.

My father came up with these words, to try and explain to himself and me. Why I didn’t try something and why I wasn’t making any progress in certain fields. My motivation was through the roof, but there were times when it looked like I wasn’t giving it my all.